Amazing Skills From Day One

Move beyond average.

Many schools can teach you the requirements of passing state board exams for a license and not much more. In fact, you may know people who are licensed:

*But have given up on this industry due to the lack of skill and experience, and have resorted to unhappily working at a "job".

*Hourly employees at a salon or barbershop, or worse - working at a "McHaircut" franchise chain making far less than their colleagues in the same industry.

*In unprofessional work environments, competing for clientele and are earning a low income as a result.

*Poor work ethic, unreliable and are generally unenthusiastic about their career.

Introducing Dominick's Barbering Academy

Dominick's Barbering Academy's platform provides licensed, and aspiring professionals with vast amounts of knowledge presented in a easily digestible method. Graduates of our courses have an incredible ability to earn an impressive income and grow clientele quickly through targeted coursework and easy to apply practices.

For students who want the best education possible

Dominick's Barbering Academy is the choice for so many people who expect a top tier education for their investment. The stories are all too common - underpaid, disinterested instructors. School owners who only care about tuition money and not the student experience. School chains that focus mostly on product sales and minimal skills.

Each Dominick's Barbering Academy student enjoys the best value for their educational dollar bar none. Passionate instructors, through a platform that views the success of the graduates as the measurement of success for all. The choice has never been clearer. Welcome to Dominick's Barbering Academy.

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