A World-Class Education

The best of both worlds

Have you always wanted to learn elite level skills in the barbering and beauty industry, but didn't want to quit your job to spend eight hours a day and 12+ months to do so? Or spend huge amounts of money at trade show backrooms to take a rushed class that you may retain just a small portion of information afterwards?

Who are these courses designed for?

Dominick's Barbering Academy was designed for Industry professionals to further their skills and education, allowing them to increase revenues and expand service offerings without the expense and time investments of traditional continuing educational courses. The Academy also allows professionals the ability to share their knowledge online, or in conjunction with an on-campus training program and earn an impressive income while doing so. This would include the option to use the Dominick's Barbering Academy H.Q in Sacramento, CA. 

However, many professionals and non-professionals use video platforms to upload incredible courses to video platforms like YouTube, Vimeo etc. with hopes of increasing revenues through views and ads. While some have found success, many spend hours posting great content but have difficulty getting an audience, and by extensions difficulty earning increased revenues.

Does this dissuade would be pro's from getting licensed?

Absolutely not. In fact, many of us started in kitchens and garages taking care of our friends, family teammates etc. Only when we realized we had a passion for what we were doing did many of us set out with the goal to become licensed and start our careers. In addition, some with large families or other specific situations simply want to learn ways to provide quality grooming to the ones they care about. Dominick's Barbering Academy serves this need as well.

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