Licensed Instructor Teaching Plan - 1Yr Licensed Pro Unlimited Course Teaching Plan

USD 59.0

$59/yr unlimited teaching membership for Licensed Proffesionals. Each course sold will earn 85%. See details

General Teaching Plan - General Unlimited Course Teaching Plan

USD 59.0

$59/yr unlimited teaching membership. Each course sold will earn 75%. See details


Does this hurt schools?

No, in fact our platform can work in harmony with licensed schools. Many schools do not have an online option and are left scrambling to piecemeal options together to deliver instruction, especially during this pandemic. Our platform is available to for schools to quickly deploy and continue instruction.

Teaching costs?

Our cost structure is very simple and affordable. You pay $99 ($59 during beta) for an entire year of unlimited course creation. Each course will earn 75-85% per course sold. Compare this to other learning platforms that take up to 50% per course or charge monthly fees up to $499 per month. And these platforms are not specific to our industry. Further, our platform features technologies that simply do not exist on other platforms, as well as innovative components forthcoming at one low membership cost. This is possible as our platform was created not by a team of expensive developers, but a single developer over time.

What about the unlicensed?

For over a decade, YouTube has irreversibly ushered unlicensed people obtaining and sharing techniques. This is a reality that exists and will not change. At the same time, we also recognize that many of us began our love for the industry prior to being licensed. We worked towards, and obtained licensure and our intent is to foster the same result. In addition, some states and/or practices don't require a license. However, our platform incentivizes enthusiasts to become licensed in order to take advantage of licensed only benefits.

Why not just YouTube?

When surveyed, learners want a more comprehensive learning experience than watching, pausing, attempting, unpausing, skipping ads, etc. They want context, different tools and aids. They want quizzes and exams to test their knowledge, they want innovative viewing experiences like VR and object panorama. Also, our platform wasn't designed to replace YouTube. Rather, it allows a way for creators/instructors to monetize their knowledge immediately, regardless of view count or subscribes.

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